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Wasps are usually considered to be an unwelcome visitor to our homes and gardens, stinging the kids, scaring the husband and generally an all round nuisance. Wasptec offer a professional and friendly approach to all bee, hornet and wasp nests in Crawley

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Wasps are probably the most disliked tof all insects and for good reason, their nests are continually under construction and so more wasps appear the later the season goes on, they sting for no good reason and can empty a beer garden in seconds. Keeping wasps under control is what we do, a safe and guaranteed resolve can be made by our local pest control technician within a matter of hours after we receive your call.

Hornets are another pest , that invade our homes, garden areas and places of work, although hornets do not bother us as much as the wasp does they still need to be controlled, if not an attack can easily occur if the colony is accidentally disturbed. Wasptec have the experience to deal with wasp and hornet nests and can leave you insect free in the quickest times available.


Wasp Nest Removal Pricing

Hornet colonies, bee swarms and wasp control, are all specialities
of Wasptec and the prices for all aspects of our services can be found below.

Wasp Nest Removal


Hornet Removal


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Bee Removal


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Wasp Nest Removal Crawley

Wasp infestations will usually die down within a few hours of treatment &
only a few stragglers may be seen the following day. If still active we will return free of charge.


Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nests may be inaccessible
but can always be
successfully treated.


Hornet Control crawley

Hornet nests are much
usually smaller
than wasp nests


Bees Swarm Removal

Bees pollinate and are
responsible for a third
of all we eat


Wasp Nest Removal Crawley, Three Bridges, Copthorne

Wasp Nest Removal Facts
The European or German wasps are the most common wasps to set up their homes on your house, in the garden or where you work, both species give out nasty sting and cause damage to property.

The Common wasp prefers nesting underground where their colonies may not be seen, walking across their entry point can lead to severe attacks.

Wasp Nest Removal Crawley

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Wasptec take adequate measures when resolving any pest issue, a full evaluation is made to establish the best course of action to take. All pesticides can be detrimental to other animal and insect species if they are not administered in the correct way. Wasptec are very environmentally conscious and will never harm any other creature during procedures. Call Wasptec for a guaranteed safe and humane solution today.

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The Asian Tree Bumblebee (Bombus Hypnorum) are sometimes mistaken for wasps because unlike the British Bumblebee they do not nest in the ground, instead around the roof line of properties is a preferred choice. During the mating season as many as 30-40 drones can be seen hovering around the entry point waiting for the females to leave the nest, This can last for about 4 weeks and can be controlled by Wasptec

Asian Hornets (Vespa Velutina) are a very dangerous species of hornet that has just come into the country, it probably won't take to long before they are a common sight. Call an established pest company such as Wasptec for am instant resolve.

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Wasps can sting at any time whilst your asleep, having a family day out in the local park. Whist attending the shrubs or in the local pub garden or relaxing with a drink, wherever a sting takes place they can always lead to allergic reactions. Respiratory problems & extreme swelling are two things to watch out for, call a hospital without delay, anaphylactic shock can be a life threatening.

Wasptec provide wasp nest removal in surrey and surrounding postcodes.

The most common attacks are to people walking in the countryside or attending their flower beds in the garden area when they stumble upon the common wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) which will usually conceal the colony under the ground or in compost bins. Thousands of wasps will quickly emerge if you are close to their colony.

Wasp Nest Removal Crawley

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